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Benefits of Braces

Straightens dental misalignments and crooked teethCreates a straight, beautiful smile
Boosts confidenceHelps alleviate speech impairments
Restores the ability to eat and chew normally

Braces in Orange

There are many reasons braces are so popular and widely-used. For starters, braces are effective at what they do. Typically used to straighten crooked teeth, alleviate crowded teeth, promote correct jaw position, and correct underbites or overbites, braces have a high success rate for patients of all ages.

Additionally, braces are durable, and they fit well into everyday life. Patients with braces rarely have to worry about them breaking, falling off, or malfunctioning. Instead, braces continue to work while patients go about their daily lives.

Today, there are many types of braces available. In addition to traditional metal braces, there are also natural-colored ceramic braces as well as clear plastic aligners. If you’re interested in getting braces, and aren’t sure which option is right for you, we will be happy to go over all your options and recommend the correct braces based on your specific needs.

Braces Orange CA

When Should I Consider Braces?

Today’s braces are more advanced than ever before. Comfortable, minimally-invasive, and designed to blend with your natural smile, braces are an excellent option for addressing bite concerns and misalignments at every age. Braces are effective at any age and provide a solution for several dental issues. Our friendly staff will gather all of the information we need during your complimentary braces consultation so that we can recommend the best treatment plan to fit your needs.

Contact our team today to set up an appointment with our skilled orthodontist to find out if braces are the right option for you!