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Emergency Dentist Benefits

Experienced emergency care when you need itConvenient, weekend emergency appointments
Sedation options availableFree consultations for new patients
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Why Should You Choose an Emergency Dentist?

Nobody wants to experience a dental emergency. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what happens to thousands of people throughout the country annually.

In recent years, emergency rooms across the U.S. have seen a drastic increase in the number of patients seeking treatment for acute dental pain. Most of the time, however, the hospital is not the place to get treatment for dental emergencies. Not only do hospitals not have the staff or facilities to provide dental care, but emergency room doctors and nurses simply don’t have the training to provide care for dental emergencies. Instead, you need the comfort and experience of working with an emergency dentist.

At Gold Coast Dental in Orange, our team specializes in providing emergency dental care for a variety of conditions. Whether you’re suffering from a broken tooth, severe toothache, gum irritation, bleeding, or a lost tooth due to an injury or sports accident, our team is here for you.

Emergency Dentist Orange CA

Act Quickly After a Dental Emergency

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, acting quickly is critical. This serves a few important purposes.

In addition to preventing your dental emergency from getting worse, seeking immediate dental care also improves the prognosis for your condition and prevents subsequent conditions, like dental infections, from arising.

At Gold Coast Dental in Orange, our team is always here to tend to your dental emergencies. Skilled, experienced, and available to you 7 days a week, we’ll help you whenever you need acute dental care. For your convenience, we offer flexible appointment times for dental emergencies and will work with your insurance company to cover billing. If you don’t carry dental insurance, we can also offer flexible financing options to make care easier to access.

Don’t delay in the event of a dental emergency! Contact our emergency dentist right away!